“Power to Create” – Turning ideas into reality

Ants Invest was born from the need of doing more than talking, and what better way to get involved than by YOU taking ownership of it.

There are at least a few dozen people out there that have good ideas but lack the time or the money to go beyond their dreams. Or maybe they have other priorities, some may have kids, some are working on a job that takes all of their time and can’t dedicate more resources to their ideas. Some with great ideas and a creative mind just don’t have the entrepreneur drive and there are some with money that are waiting for an idea, all people like you and me. Even if you think you have no idea we can tell you that ideas are born from people’s needs, the car and the plane were born from the need to go faster and reach new places, the alarm system was born from the need to have a little more security, and so on. AntsInvest was born from the need to DO, to learn, to experiment, to have fun, and to have a voice.

ants2A global CrowdFunded CrowdOwned enterprise, it aims to implement projects from various fields, from the brick-and-mortar businesses to the internet businesses, through a blend of traditional and collective management paired with crowdfunding and crowd ownership. Nothing is off the table – agriculture, software, services, telecom, gadgets, even the “local corner bakery” can be implemented.

Ownership is an important aspect of this concept, 100% of the profits derived from the business ventures will be distributed to the co-owners and will be proportional to the number of shares/contributions. Co-owners from all over the world are welcomed to visit their staff, their offices, their buildings, and who knows, maybe hotels. We will also provide images & video streaming for those that can’t travel.

The platform is 100% configurable and will be adapted to the co-owners needs, to allow them to supervise, analyze and make decisions.

ants3ANTS can become a powerful brand. Ant societies have division of labor, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems. Their success in so many environments has been attributed to their social organization and their ability to modify habitats and tap resources.

We have at least a few dozen projects that can start with the proper funding and bring a stable income to the community but this is not about profits this is about being a pioneer and doing something that has not been done before, the profits will be a welcomed reward.

We know that some may ask how we’ll avoid the chaos of having too many owners, while this might be a valid question it has a simple answer: by blending the traditional management with the collective voting. We might have a little chaos at the beginning but that will be just because we will be spread thin between the projects, but nothing is impossible when we have the same goals and the most powerful team anyone can have, the people.

ants1We believe in the power of many, and in the concept of sharing the success, rather than only acting as a middleman for funds.

webpage: www.antsinvest.com
facebook page: facebook.com/antsinvest

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