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The bikini mania is going to start sooner this year

By | 13.04.2018 | 0 Comment

The bikini mania is going to start sooner this year. If in the past we used to let the coats and the uber fluffy jackets for thinner jackets when spring arrived, this year it seems like we almost skiped spring and landed on almost summer. Despite the fact that I feel good with this temperatures, I do know that it’s not normal at all and summer is going to be hotter than I can imagine. I can almost see myself melting in July and missing winter (ups, I said it). So, yeah, the bikini mania is going to start sooner this year, no doubt.

In this note, let’s have a look at some products that fits this topic.

I found all three swimsuits on Zaful and the main color is not a coincidence. Many of us already know that yellow, white and gold are colors that compliments our beautiful sun-kissed skin. And this simple reason is already the base for swimsuits hunt this year, if we trust the searches reports that indicate sexy gold bikini as one of the most used search topics.

I’m not quite sure if it’s something that I would pick, regarding the fact that for the last couple of years I didn’t capture a strong tan. I’m more about into healthy skin now, so if that means to be kinda white… so be it! 😀 When I’m on the beach, I’m either playing in the water, either reading under a big umbrella. What color suits me best in this case? Ice-blue, white, red and even some green prints. Let’s see what I am referring to:

This 4 are something that I would go for in the store, especially when it comes to the first and third ones, those that cover more skin. Maybe it’s something that comes with the age or just my idea that showing too much skin is not as sexy as it used to be. I’m old already, am I? :))

If you like the swimsuits that I choose to ilustrate this blog post, you can view more on Zaful website. You can also see some micro bikini here, if you are more into the swimsuits that allows you to get tan almost all over the body. Regarding this topic, I could make a cute joke… I’m so small that even a micro bikini look big on me 😀 . I usually am known on social media as #LilOne ^_^.

Cheers, little mermaids! ♥

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