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Custom jewelry site, discovered thanks to Dave

By | 06.07.2019 | 0 Comment

Custom jewelry site name necklace

Once in a while I exercise my english skills just like this 😀 . I like to think about myself that I am better than average regarding this thing, but sometimes I’m not. And it’s not a shame. And it’s not on my list to take it all so serious, so I’m going to enjoy my Martini now and write about something I do know a couple of things for sure – accesories.

One of my brit frieds, that used to live in Romania but moved back in UK almost two years ago, sends me e-mails now and then. In this week’s messages he kindly recommended me an online store from where I can get custom jewelry, even a specific type of custom necklace. I love SATC TV series and I have a crush on Carrie and her name nacklace, so I started to want one for myself, but with my name instead, obviously. I know that it’s not really necessary to order something like this from abroad, because there are romanian shops that can do it as well, but from what I have seen the ones from here are not as small as I want. I’m a shorty so I like my accesories to be smaller than average. Overall I foud what I wanted and that’s a win, despite anything else.

Surfing through the site that my mate recommended it, I found that they also have other two product categories for my interest – personalized family necklace and family tree bracelet sterling silver. Tho’ over the years I used to think that family isn’t everything and some friends are more caring than the ones having the same blood as we have, lately I jumped to another conclusion. The closest to our heart from inside the family are the ones worth loving for ever. A cute and simple personalized necklace with mom’s name is a great thing, also one with the daughter’s name :D. Let’s not forget ’bout me, in other words.

There are plenty cute ideas for personalized accesories. This are just the ones suited for me.

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