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3 types of clothing products that I do not have

By | 14.04.2018 | 0 Comment

When it comes to fashion (and style) there is something iconic for every year, even if we talk about midi skirts or silver-gray shoes, jumpsuits, reinvented shirts and so on. It’s ok for us to try something new or something old that is reinvented in the name of fashion… tho, in a way, I’m not into buying tons of clothing products just because they are in trend. That’s because trends use to fade as fast as they pop into our attention. Only few of them survives the podium when time passes. This things being said, I clearly admit I was skeptical about 3 types of clothing products and… I did not buy them. But I’m starting to change the attitude regarding them. Curious about what type of clothing products I am talking about? 😀

I picked all of the products photos from Zaful, so you could see what I am willing to buy for this summer while I’m speaking. The 3 types of clothing products that I do not have in my wardrobe are:
– jumpsuits
– bodysuits
– tank tops

When it comes to jumpsuits, there is one clear problem for me. I’m so small that I can’t find a jumpsuit to fit me well. Tho, if you are interested in some pretty jumpsuits, you can find some here.

Well, regading the bodysuits, I am happy that I finally fell for it and I am definitely ready to buy some :D. I picked 3 photos from Zaful so I can show you what kind of bodysuits I like.


The first and the second are great with jeans, while the third one could be awesome with a long black skirt and maybe a biker jacket. There are a loooot more pretty bodysuits on the website. But if I weren’t crazy about how many pictures I upload on my hosting then I would probably made an album :)). Yup, I really have a thing for bodysuits, even if they were resurected in fashion a few years back (from the 80s if I remember well).

The last clothing product that I admit I don’t have it in my wardrobe already is the tank top. A few years ago the tank tops (or the tanks, as they are referred to in some fashion articles) came back to life from the late 90s. I’m not really into showing my skin as much as a teen, but I admit now that I can wear a tank top with a high waist long skirt or some high waist trousers. And here are two zaful tanks that caught my attention and could make a great team with some black trousers:

tank tops

In conclusion, there are indeed 3 types of clothing products that I do not have. Yet. This year I’m looking forward to buy a tank top and some bodysuits.


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